San Francisco Restaurants near CounterPULSE

Our list of the best food near CounterPULSE. Our top pick: Crab House at Pier 39.
  • CounterPULSE


    1310 Mission St
    This hybrid theater located at Mission and 9th Street is a hub for experimental art and activism. Online calendar boasts new and eclectic events year-round.
    Downtown food nearby
  • Crab House at Pier 39

    Crab House at Pier 39

    Pier 39, Second Level, West Side
    Su-Th 11:30AM-10PM, F-Sa 11:30AM-11PM. $18-$60. Voted "Best Crab in San Francisco" and famous for it's "Killer Crab" — 2 pounds of Dungeness Crab! Comes with great views of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • ZUNI Café

    ZUNI Café

    1658 Market St
    Zuni Cafe is a restaurant in San Francisco, California. Named after the Zuni tribe, it was established in 1979 by Billy West, and with chef Judy Rodgers. It is located on Market Street in San Francisco. Rogers was with Zuni as chef and co-owner since it was founded in 1987. Gilbert Pilgram joined Zuni Café as a co-owner in 2006."
  • Starbucks

    1390 Market St
    M-F 5AM-8:30PM, Sa-Su 6AM-8:30PM. Ubiquitous Starbucks set just behind the Civic Center Plaza, so another convenient place to enjoy a coffee pre or post performance.
  • Rocco's Cafe

    Rocco's Cafe

    1131 Folsom St
    North Beach Italian Food in San Francisco's SoMa Neighborhood.
  • Cat Club

    Cat Club

    1190 Folsom St
    Thursday is 80's night where you're guaranteed to hear at least one Madonna song throughout the night.
  • City Beer Store

    City Beer Store

    1168 Folsom St
    Tu-Sa Noon-10pm, Su Noon-6PM. Your best bet for beer to go.
  • AQ Restaurant & Bar

    AQ Restaurant & Bar

    1085 Mission St
    "AQ" is a seasonal fine dining restaurant located in San Francisco, CA
  • Alioto's


    No. 8 Fisherman’s Wharf
    Established in 1925 by the Alioto family, it plates Sicilian recipes incorporating the local, fresh seafood.
  • Bossa Nova SF

    Bossa Nova SF

    139 8th street
  • Custom Burger

    Custom Burger

    121 7th St
    Joie de Vivre Hotels is an eclectic, design-driven collection of boutique hotels with signature restaurants and day spas.
  • Triptych

    1155 Folsom St
    The Best Kept Secret South of Market Street
  • Asia SF

    201 9th St
  • Le's Kitchen Catering

    Le's Kitchen Catering

  • Forbes Island

    Sea Lion Harbor — H Dock
    Fancy a bit of an adventure for your next dining experience? Well, how about dining on a floating island? Forbes Island is a floating wooden island (100 foot by 50 foot) complete with a lighthouse, waterfall, and real palm trees. It was built in 1975 and was originally intended to be a floating home... the creator was inspired by the novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea." The dining room is partially under water and portholes give you an underwater view from your table. It's moored about 100 yards from the sea lions at Pier 39 and a pontoon ride will have to take you there and back... so don't drink too much! The cuisine is French.
  • Ananda Fuara

    1298 Market St
    M-Tu, Th-Sa 8AM-8PM, W 8AM-3PM. $6-$11. This vegetarian restaurant is a little different as it's run by an Indian religious order called 'Sri Chinmoy'. Ananda Fuara means the "Fountain of Delight" and their food is intended to harmonize you both inside and out.
  • Acre Cafe

    The Thoreau Center, Building 1013, 1st Floor
    This cafe is situated in the Presidio and it has excellent views over the landscape. It's popular with workers from the nearby offices but fatigued tourists stumble in every now and again. They serve simple international food like organic soups, salads, and sandwiches with a heavy focus on fresh healthy ingredients like free range chicken.
  • Canto do Brazil

    41 Franklin St
    M-Sa 11AM-3PM, Su-Th 5PM-9PM, F-Sa 5PM-10PM. Dinner: $14-$21. Traditional Brazilian food, very affordable, but mixed reviews on service.
  • The Stud

    399 9th Street
    Fun semi-dingy club. Don't miss Trannyshack, Tuesdays at midnight. Very worth the sleep deprivation at work the next day.
    South Of Market
  • Market Street Grill

    1231 Market St
    Breakfast: 6:30AM-11AM daily, Lunch: 11AM-2PM daily, Dinner: 5PM-10PM daily. $18-$40. Serves up Asian and Italian inspired dishes using fresh American ingredients in an ornately decorated dining room. They also have live piano playing most nights of the week.
  • Magnolia Brewing Company

    and operates a second restaurant down the street
  • Brainwash

    1122 Folsom Street
    M-Th 7AM-10PM, F-Sa 7AM-11PM, Su 8AM-10PM. It's a Laundromat! It's a cafe! It's a pub! It's all of the above. A fine place to do your laundry while grabbing a beer, some lunch, playing a little pinball, surfing the net, chatting with your friends, or watching a live show.
  • Marina

    West and East Marinas
    Don't get lost among all the tourist stores, and forget that Pier 39 is a pier after all — so why not check out the impressive flotilla of vessels moored at its 11 docks on either side of the pier.
  • Chowders

    Pier 39, Building A, Level 1
    Same hours as Pier 39. $5-$11. Serving fresh seafood cocktails, clam chowder in a bread bowl, fish and chips, sandwiches, and salads. They also have a small "Not so Fishy... " menu for those who don't like seafood.
  • San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co.

    PIER 39, Building Q, Level 1
    Su-Th 7AM-10PM, F-Sa 7AM-11PM. Cappuccinos, Lattes, espressos, and Mochas at Pier 39.
  • Beach Chalet

    where you can enjoy a view of the ocean or sit in the lawn area
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