Toronto Places

TripWhat's travel guide to Toronto; our list of the best things to see, including Patty's Family Restaurant, Chili Willie's Hot Dogs and Granato's Imported Foods.
  • Patty's Family Restaurant

    1413 Pennsylvania Ave
  • Chili Willie's Hot Dogs

    1801 County Rd
  • Granato's Imported Foods

    1610 Pennsylvania Ave
  • Donut Connection

    1325 Pennsylvania Ave
  • Columbia Club

    1200 Main St
  • Mid-Ridge Cafe

    704 Rdg Ave
  • Marino's Italian Restaurant

    Wylie Rdg Rd
  • Shooterz

    90 Saint Johns Rd
  • Starlight Club

    1405 Pennsylvania Ave
  • Bugzy's Fun Cafe LLC

    697 N River Ave # OHIO
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EDIT THIS ITINERARY Our list of places in Toronto uses some content from Wikipedia and Wikivoyage.