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TripWhat's travel guide to Southbridge; our list of the best things to see, including StART on the Street, Twisted Fork and Hung Thinh Oriental Market.
  • The best place in Southbridge: StART on the Street

    StART on the Street

    Huge street festival featuring over 200 local vendors and artists, food, and live music and performance art. According to the organizers, the 2009 festival was attended by 25,000 people. [17] StART also holds StART in the park (spring) and StART at the Station (Christmas time).
    food nearby
  • Twisted Fork

    Twisted Fork

    509 Stafford St
  • Hung Thinh Oriental Market

    15 Parker St
    , sells whole, frozen durian .
  • Mid Town Mall

    Main St
    directly across from Worcester Commons. The decor is from the 70s, and there's a broken escalator leading down to a nearly abandoned lower level. Good food too. A wonderful spot of local color. The downtown sections of Worcester are run down and scary but also quite fascinating.
  • That's Entertainment

    244 Park Av
    If you have any interest in comic books, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, roleplaying, etc., check this out.
  • Blue Jeans

    270 Park Av
    , Phone: +1 508-753-3777.
  • Sakura Tokyo

    640 Park Ave
    , Phone: 508-792-1068.
  • El Coqui

    184 Chandler St
    Opened to 11PM every night (Except Sundays). It is a discount liquor store which does not carry many smaller brands. In spite of this it is considered by some to be the best liquor store.
  • Kilo Amigo

    214 Chandler Street
    Brazilian selection. Fill your own plate with what you want and weigh it up to pay.
  • Irish Times

    Main St
    Karaoke Wednesday nights. Cons: White hat bar, many Holy Cross kids. Pros: killer song selection and $3000 final cash prize for the weekly contest, many dedicated karaoke warriors. Cons: The staff are very full of themselves and tend to be very brusque with patrons.
  • Long Island Hot Dogs

    68 Stafford Street
    (best burger) A true diamond in the rough. A real greasy spoon dinner hidden in a stripmall.
  • Dalat

    425 Park Av
    Vegetarians, get #37 in the spring and summer months, and #86 in the fall and winter. Avocado milkshake is a favorite of course, and can be made with soy milk by request. Also try the durian milkshake, which is tasty despite smelling like serious foot.
  • Ba Le Boston

    878 Main St
    near Clark University, Phone: +1 508-798-8856. Tofu sandwich.
  • Haiku

    258 Park Ave
    , Phone: 508-459-3033.
  • Guertin's

    Off Canterbury Street
    Beautiful woodwork, $1.50 drafts.
  • Caribbean Delights

    Chandler at Piedmont
  • The Living Earth

    232 Chandler St
    Worcester's best and only natural foods store. Newly downsized. Used to have an excellent natural foods cafe with a few vegan options, and a well run deli with a lot of vegan options. Now home to a much larger more expensive restaurant with fancy decor, fewer vegetarian options.
  • Nancy Chang

    372 Chandler St
    Healthy Asian cuisine. You can order any of the chicken or shrimp items on the menu and replace it with vegetarian chicken or vegetarian shrimp. Check out their awesome lunch menu, weekdays until 5PM (I think). You can also order the Chicken & Rice Soup with Vegetables and Chicken Noodle Soup with Vegetables without the chicken.
  • Diamond Pizza

    848 Main St
    , Phone: "+1" 508-755-4449.
  • Jeans Place

    136 Cambridge St
    , Phone: +1 508-753-9466.
  • Amelia's Bakery

    Pleasant St
    (near Irving St. two blocks uphill from Main St.) Closes at 2:30PM. Best falafel in Worcester, and a cute table in the front window. Opposite Pupuseria Salvadorena.
  • Saigon

    976 Main St
    Most of the entrees are delicious. The #92 is a favorite. Also make sure to get the tofu mushroom rolls appetizer and an avocado milkshake.
  • La Delicia

    296 Pleasant Street
    In a city with several choices for rice and beans, La Delicia comes out on top.
  • Sazon Latino

    130 Chandler Street
    Fantastic Dominican food. Fast Service. Friendly atmosphere.
  • One Love

    Main St at Castle
    Great roti, other nice entrees, romantic, quaint dining. Perfect for dates or a nice night out with friends. BYOB. Fresh fruit in water. Patties for lunch for $1.50.
  • Shiraz

    259 Park Av
    , Phone: "+1" 508-767-1639. Armenian.
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