Pelham Places

TripWhat's travel guide to Pelham; our list of the best things to see, including Gigi's Cupcakes, Edgar's Old Style Bakery and Jefferson's Hoover.
  • The best place in Pelham: Gigi's Cupcakes

    Gigi's Cupcakes

    4745 Chace Circle, Suite 121
    Every handmade little cake is made using the freshest ingredients and baked with loving care to help you live life to the fullest, one cupcake at a time.
  • Edgar's Old Style Bakery

    Edgar's Old Style Bakery

    499 Southgate Dr
    4 locations: The Shops of the Colonnade, Pelham, Patton Creek, and Greystone at Cadence Place. Like us on Facebook, and visit us at to sign up for our free newsletter!
  • Jefferson's Hoover

    Jefferson's Hoover

    4524 Southlake Pkwy Suite 20
  • Mikey's Grill

    Mikey's Grill

    4524 Southlake Parkway
    Mikey's Grill is owned and operated by Michael (affectionately known as "Mikey") and his sister, Melissa Lee. They have over thirty years of combined restaurant experience, with their specialty lying in the Fine-Dining category. What sets Mikey's apart is the freshness of their product. Mikey has only the freshest seafood delivered multiple times a week, and he cuts all steaks in hou
  • Southern Legacy BBQ & Brew

    Southern Legacy BBQ & Brew

    2943 John Hawkins Parkway
    BBQ & BREW. 23 Flat panel TV's. This is how we do BBQ!
  • Shelby's


    9340 Helena Road
  • Riff Burger

    Riff Burger

    Chace Lake Station Hwy 31
  • Nino's Italian Restaurant

    Nino's Italian Restaurant

    2698 Pelham Parkway
    Nino’s Italian Restaurant offers flavorful, handmade Italian dishes prepared to order in a great family atmosphere! Open 7 days a week.
  • Riff Burgers

    Riff Burgers

    4745 Chace Cir
    A member of the Fresh Hospitality Group
  • The Egg & I

    The Egg & I

    4741 Chace Circle
  • Cozumel Grill & Mexican

    Cozumel Grill & Mexican

    2754 Pelham Pkwy
  • Dale's Southern Grill

    Dale's Southern Grill

    1843 Montgomery Hwy S
  • Two Pesos Mexican Cafe

    Two Pesos Mexican Cafe

    201 Southgate Dr
  • Hunan Garden

    Hunan Garden

    1851 Montgomery Hwy S
  • La Dolce Vita

    La Dolce Vita

    1851 Montgomery Hwy S
    La Dolce Vita is one of the premier Italian Restaurants in Birmingham.
  • Ragtime Cafe

    Ragtime Cafe

    2080 Valleydale Rd
  • Tony's Hot Dog's

    Tony's Hot Dog's

    1922 Montgomery Hwy S
  • Cafe Trentuno

    3018 Pelham Pkwy
  • Purple Onion Deli & Grill

    Purple Onion Deli & Grill

    2296 Pelham Pkwy
  • Margarita Grill

    Margarita Grill

    234 Cahaba Valley Rd
  • Fresh Art Cafe

    Fresh Art Cafe

    2100 Riverchase Center #226
    “If the Divine Creator has taken pains to give us delicious and exquisite things to eat, the least we can do is prepare them well and serve them with ceremony.” -Fernaud Point
  • Shonos


    1843 Montgomery Highway
  • Zapata Mexican

    2005 Valleydale Rd
  • Happy China Chinese

    Happy China Chinese

    4524 Southlake Pkwy
  • China Cafe

    3018 Pelham Pkwy
  • Milo's Hamburgers

    Milo's Hamburgers

    2020 Pelham Pkwy
    Home style chicken tenders, grilled chicken sandwiches, Milo's pies, and Milkshakes have become customer favorites, but the Milo's Hamburgers is still the biggest star on the menu.
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