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TripWhat's travel guide to Knoxville; our list of the best things to see, including Tenessee Volunteers, College football and Knoxville Zoo.
  • The best place in Knoxville: Tenessee Volunteers

    Tenessee Volunteers

    Game after game over 100,000 Tennessee football fans pack Neyland Stadium to cheer on their favorite football team. Neyland Stadium first came to life in 1921 as Shields-Watkins Field with 17 rows seating 3200. Over the course of more than 80 years Neyland Stadium has become one of the country's most popular college stadiums. You'll know why when you hear the roar of the Tennessee fans and feel the energy that fills the stadium at every game! After the football team, the most storied team on campus is the Lady Vols basketball team, perennial national championship contenders.
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  • College football

    College football

    1600 Phillip Fulmer Way, Suite 200
    See traditional college football power, the University of Tennessee play at 102,000 seat Neyland Stadium, one of the largest stadiums in college football.
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  • Knoxville Zoo

    Knoxville Zoo

    3500 Knoxville Zoo Drive
    A nice but smallish zoo with 800 animals and a lot of success breeding red pandas. There's also a reptile center and kids play area.
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  • The Bijou Theatre

    The Bijou Theatre

    [27] In addition to being housed in Knoxville’s fourth oldest building, the Bijou Theatre has an atmosphere that’s perfect for live music and the performing arts. Many performers and music fans consider the Bijou the best-sounding room in Knoxville. Tennessee Shines[28] is a radio show broadcast live from the Bijou the last Wednesday of each month. Sponsored by WDVX[29], the show celebrates Appalachian and other genres of American music.
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  • Tomato Head

    Tomato Head

    12 Market Square
    M-Su for lunch, Tu-Su for dinner. The Tomato Head is a favorite restaurant of many locals. They have fabulous (and veggie friendly) salads,sandwiches, pizza, and calzones.
    Downtown Knoxville
  • Three Rivers market

    Three Rivers market

    1100 N. Central St. 9AM - 10PM, Daily. Three Rivers Market is a natural foods grocery store with a great hot food bar serving daily seasonal menus. There is also a full service deli case, a fresh sushi counter, and a grab-and-go case with drinks, sandwiches, wraps, and...cupcakes from Magpie's Bakery.
    Old North Knoxville
  • Sassy Ann's

    Sassy Ann's

    280 N
    Big, three-storey house turned into a party place. Quite far from everywhere but worth visiting.
    Downtown Knoxville
  • Trio


    13 Market Square
    Trio's menu takes a multiple choice approach to salads with an order card of ingredients and a pen to tick of the items you'd like tossed with your greens. Tasty sandwiches and a handful of entrees round out the lunch and dinner options. Breakfast is decidedly eggy with a choice of several types of omelets and Eggs Benedict. Coffee and pastries are available all day.
    Downtown Knoxville
  • Tomato Head

    Tomato Head

    12 Market Sq
    Food gotta cook. Don't come out of a can.
    Downtown Knoxville
  • Book Eddy

    2537 Chapman Highway
    A large selection of used books and LPs, predominantly from estate sales. Excellent quality, with neighborly felines to pet while reading.
    South Knoxville
  • Village Market Place

    32 Market Square
  • Indigo

    327 Union Avenue
  • Bliss Home

    29 Market Square
  • Ice Hockey

    500 Howard Baker Avenue
    Watch this Southern Professional Hockey League and three time champion battle their rivals for the Commissioner's and President's Cups at the James White Civic Coliseum.
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  • Reruns

    2 Market Square
  • Vagabondia

    27 Market Square
  • Bliss

    24 Market Square
  • A-Affordable Jet Ski Rentals, LLC

    956 Volunteer Landing Ln
    Jet Ski rentals in downtown Knoxville. Offering new and fuel efficent Yamaha jet skis. Located at Volunteer Landing Marina.
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  • Earth to Old City

    22 Market Square
  • Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria

    Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria

    200 E Jackson Ave
    Concerts on weekends. Pizzas. Billiard Room.
    Old City
  • Nama Sushi Bar

    Nama Sushi Bar

    506 S Gay St
    ^^DOWNTOWN LOCATION^^Raging Sushi Bar! Great People, Great Fish, Great Times! Voted Best of Knoxville 2009!
    Downtown Knoxville
  • Sunspot


    1909 W Cumberland Ave SW
    Where Tie-Dyes and Neckties Unite!
    Fort Sanders
  • The French Market Creperie

    The French Market Creperie

    526 S Gay St
    Bonjour! Welcome to The French Market...Knoxville's first and only French crepe restaurant.
    Downtown Knoxville
  • Cafe 4

    Cafe 4

    4 Market Square
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Brunch, Dine with us a bunch! (865) 544-4144
    Downtown Knoxville
  • Goal Post Tavern

    Goal Post Tavern

    1824 Cumberland Ave
    Formerly known as Old College Inn, or OCI, this is arguably the most famous bar on the Strip. Students, alumni, and locals alike congregate here for cheap "Big Gulps" and famous "Cheese Bings".
    Fort Sanders
  • Melting Pot

    Melting Pot

    111 N Central St
    The Melting Pot of Knoxville is a fondue restaurant dedicated to delivering the ultimate dining experience. We strive to provide the perfect night out for each guest.
    Old City
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