Kenilworth Places

TripWhat's travel guide to Kenilworth; our list of the best things to see, including Bowcraft Amusement Park, Emma's Brick Oven Pizza & Cafe and The Office Beer Bar and Grill.
  • The best place in Kenilworth: Bowcraft Amusement Park

    Bowcraft Amusement Park

    Rt. 22
    Bowcraft is a fun place for families with children ages 2-14 to attend. It has an indoor arcade and great food available. Along with being entertaining Bowcraft makes for an inexpensive family adventure.
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  • Emma's Brick Oven Pizza & Cafe

    Emma's Brick Oven Pizza & Cafe

    101 Union Ave North
    Nice location in downtown Cranford, busy ambience and great menu.
  • The Office Beer Bar and Grill

    3 South Avenue West
    Amazingly good selection of beers.
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