Hazleton Places

TripWhat's travel guide to Hazleton; our list of the best things to see, including Martin's Restaurant, Mirakuya and Booty's Place.
  • The best place in Hazleton: Martin's Restaurant

    Martin's Restaurant

    301 E Broad St
    "I've been to swanky restaurants all over the world and this is a swanky restaurant."Mort Gordon 2001
  • Mirakuya


    700 W Broad St
  • Booty's Place

    1101 N Church St
  • Senape's Tavern Pitza

    835 N Vine St
  • Vesuvio Restaurant & Pizzeria

    101 N Wyoming St
  • Carmen's Bakery & Deli

    37 E. Broad St
  • Dog House Saloon

    Dog House Saloon

    202 S Broad St
    Come out and enjoy a great night at the Dog House Saloon!! Entertainment often and great food available.
  • Two Italian Guys Pizzeria

    3 W Diamond Ave
  • Angelo's Italian House

    Angelo's Italian House

    695 Alter St
  • Jimmy's Quick Lunch

    123 E Broad St
  • Mea's

    8 W Broad St
  • Dragonfly Cafe

    Dragonfly Cafe

    9 E Broad St
  • Battered Mug

    Battered Mug

    178 S Pine St
  • Ovalon Restaurant

    254 N Wyoming St
  • Beltway Diner-Restaurant

    250 S Church St
  • Frankie's Pizzeria

    37 N Wyoming St
  • Jumbo China Buffet

    1057 N Church St
  • Rostas Cafe

    1144 W 15th St
  • Third Base Luncheonette

    704 Garibaldi Ct
  • Cusat's Cafe

    742 Alter St
  • El Mariachi

    El Mariachi

    574 Alter St
  • Alta Pizzeria & Pasta House

    380 S Poplar St
  • Buddies Bagels

    181 Susquehanna Blvd
  • D'amato's Wood Fire Pizza

    D'amato's Wood Fire Pizza

    802 W 15th St
  • Sisters Restaurant

    789 N Locust St
  • Hollywood Diner

    Hollywood Diner

    760 Airport Road
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