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TripWhat's travel guide to Flagstaff; our list of the best things to see, including Lowell Observatory, Grand Canyon Whitewater and Western Gold Steakhouse.
  • The best place in Flagstaff: Lowell Observatory

    Lowell Observatory

    1400 West Mars Hill Rd
    An astronomical research center at which the dwarf planet Pluto was discovered, this historic institution is on a mesa overlooking the west side of town. The staff leads guided daytime tours, and visitors use the Observatory's 24" Clark telescope and smaller portable telescopes during regular evening programs (inquire). Open 9AM-5PM daily and from 5:30PM (regular evenings) except some holidays. An entrance fee is payable.
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  • Grand Canyon Whitewater

    Grand Canyon Whitewater

    This company offers guided, multi-day rafting tours ranging from 4,5,6,7,8 and 13-days on motorized or oar-powered rafts. No river rafting or camping experience necessary, guides and equipment are provided.
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  • Western Gold Steakhouse

    Western Gold Steakhouse

    2657 Gold Coast Highway
    Little America is truly a Flagstaff, Arizona vacation at its best. From our 500-acre private forest to our friendly, knowledgeable concierge staff,Little America exemplifies the adventurous spirit and hospitality of Northern Arizona.
  • Northern Arizona Yoga Center

    113 S. San Francisco
    Northern Arizona Yoga Center is the largest yoga studio in town. This studio offers more than just yoga...they also host Salsa parties, Tango classes, Capoiera, Pilates, and Tai Chi. They are also a great supplier of yoga clothing and accessories. They are partners with the Vertical Relief Climbing Gym. Dual memberships are available.
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  • The Arboretum at Flagstaff

    4001 S
    Woody Mountain Rd., +1 928 774-1442, [11]. Daily 9AM-5PM, Apr-Oct. This 200-acre botanical garden, environmental research station, and nature center displays one of America's largest collections of high country wildflowers. Daily guided tours at 11AM and 1PM. Wild Birds of Prey programs at 12PM and 2PM, Fridays through Mondays. An entrance fee is payable.
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  • Alpine skiing

    is one of only three ski resorts in the state of Arizona
    Arizona Snowbowl, [14], is one of only three ski resorts in the state of Arizona. Despite the surrounding desert, Flagstaff is a popular skiing destination for the Southwest due to the high elevation. Interestingly, the Snowbowl is one of the first ten ski resorts established in the United States. Snowbowl is in the San Francisco Mountains, which offer pleasant high-country hiking after the snow melts, including a trail to Humphreys Peak, highest mountain in Arizona. Access to some of the San Franciscos is restricted, as they're sacred to several of the area's Indian tribes.
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  • Altitude's Bar and Grill

    2 S Beaver St # 200
    Relaxed atmosphere, great outdoor seating and a cozy fireplace inside for the winter months.
  • Diablo Burger

    120 N. Leroux Street
    Mon-Wed, 11AM-11PM Thurs.-Sat., closed Sun. Although tricky to find and seating is rather limited, this place is one of those extraordinarily rewarding discoveries for the persistent traveler. Their burgers ($8-10) are made from range-raised beef from a ranch just north of Flagstaff, served on an English muffin with a boatload of Belgian-style fries. In fact, all of their ingredients are from local businesses whenever possible. They also offer a handful of good regional beers. Their commitment to doing good by staying local even extends to their billing practices: they don't accept credit cards. Bring cash - you'll be glad you did!
  • Macy's Coffeeshop

    located on the south side of the tracks at 14 S
    Beaver Street, they roast their own coffee and have lots of vegan foodstuffs. A favorite amongst the "hippies".
  • Pizzicletta

    downtown location: 203 W
    Phoenix Ave. A Neapolitan style pizza place.
  • New Jersey Pizza Company

    2224 E Cedar Ave
    Excellent choice for those looking for an all organic menu or more exotic options than the typical pizza restaurant offers.
  • Tiffany Tree Lounge

    2515 E Butler Ave
    At the Little America Hotel (below).
  • Fratelli Pizza

    downtown location: 119 W
    Phoenix Ave. East side: 2120 N. Fourth St. A pizza place that is well-loved by the locals. They have cheese, pepperoni, and pesto slices, and many specialty pies. Their pizza is hand-tossed, thin crust, brick oven pizza, like what is found back east.
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