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TripWhat's travel guide to Concord; our list of the best things to see, including Ruth Bancroft Garden, Lindsay Wildlife Museum and Kinder's Custom Meats.
  • The best place in Concord: Ruth Bancroft Garden

    Ruth Bancroft Garden

    1552 Bancroft Rd
    Preserving an exceptional example of Southwest American garden design, The Ruth Bancroft Garden demonstrates the beauty and excitement possible in a water-conserving landscape. Internationally recognized as one of the finest private gardens in North America, The Garden was the first in the United States to be sponsored by The Garden Conservancy. The garden showcases rare and unique species of cactus, succulents, palms, and desert trees while still maintaining a lush and manicured style appropriate to Northern California. The Garden is open for visitors seven days a week from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.
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  • Lindsay Wildlife Museum

    Lindsay Wildlife Museum

    1931 First Avenue
    Wed–Fr 12PM–5PM (opens 10AM in the summer), Sat–Sun 10AM–5PM. $7 for adults, $6 for seniors 65+, $5 for children 2-17. Well-worth a visit for the opportunity to see owls, hawks, and other wildlife up close and (often) not from behind glass or cages. This museum is actually a wildlife rehabilitation and educational center that focuses on native California wildlife and natural history. The museum exhibits live, non-releasable native wildlife. Founded in 1955, the museum operates the oldest and one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation hospitals in the United States, treating more than 6,000 injured and orphaned wild animals each year.
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  • Kinder's Custom Meats

    Kinder's Custom Meats

    2227 Morello Ave
    Known for having some of the best sandwhiches around, part of the local Kinder's franchise that is local here in the bay area only at the moment. Try the ball tip sandwhich best sandwhich they have
  • Farmer's Market

    Farmer's Market

    CFMA is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation providing Certified Farmers’ Markets for the Bay Area since
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  • Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant

    Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant

    5872 Pacheco Blvd
    Monday – Saturday: 11 AM – 9 PM. A local favorite. Although this strictly-to-go taqueria is technically in Pacheco and not Martinez, it is so close to town and frequented by so many Martinez residents that it deserves to be included in this list.
  • Shadelands Ranch Historical Museum

    2660 Ygnacio Valley Road
    Built by early Walnut Creek pioneer Hiram Penniman, this 1903 redwood-framed house is a showcase for numerous historical artifacts, many of which belonged to the Pennimans. It also houses a rich archive of Contra Costa and Walnut Creek history in its collections of old newspapers, photographs and government records. The museum is on the National Register of Historic Places and belongs to the City, but is operated by the Walnut Creek Historical Society. Not part of the "official" description is the Shadelands growing collection of local smells, each smell maturing and gaining new flavorful dimensions with each passing year.
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  • Willows Theatre Company

    1975 Diamond Blvd
    (Willows Shopping Center corner for Diamond Blvd. and Willow Pass Road), [12]. Live Action Theatre comes to a small town. Producing big Broadway hits, new musicals and classic plays, the Willows Theatre is a must for any night out in Concord.
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  • Sleep Train Pavilion at Concord

    2000 Kirker Pass Road
    The Sleep Train Pavilion is a 12,500 seat amphitheatre that hosts dozens of major concerts each year. The amphitheatre is configured with approximately 8,000 reserved seats and, for the more frugal and potentially rain-tolerant music lover, 4,500 lawn seats. Upcoming concerts can be found on the Pavilion's online calendar [9].
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  • Half Price Books

    1935 Mount Diablo Street
    A Concord branch of the famous Berkeley bookstore, right on Todos Santos plaza.
  • Brenden Theatres Concord 14

    1985 Willow Pass Road
    Fourteen screens of movie magic with stadium seating, greasy popcorn, and thundering sound systems. Brenden Theatres was the anchor tenant of downtown Concord's rebirth in the late 1990's.
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  • Pixieland Amusement Park

    2740 E Olivera Rd
    This place is mostly for younger children they have a few rides designed for them and also have a small train that goes around the park, you can bring food just not pizza and bbq. You can also have a party there for the children and also have a duck pond.
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  • Solano Drive-In

    1611 Solano Way
    A real Drive in Movie in Contra Costa County one of the last remaining, check to see what movies are playing and times a nice fun time without the hassle of regular movie theaters.
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  • Waterworld USA

    1950 Waterworld Parkway
    A waterpark featuring slides, pools, and other manner of devices meant to utilize the Bay Area's limited water supply. Admission is $26.99 at the park, but can be purchased for $19.99 online at the park's web site.
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  • Clayton Historical Society Museum

    6101 Main St
  • CineArts at Pleasant Hill

    nicknamed the Dome because of its roof that is shaped as a dome
    Usually cheaper than the corporate theaters around.
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  • EJ Phair Brewing Co. & Ale House

    2151 Salvio Street
    & Ale House, 2151 Salvio Street, ☎ (925) 691-4253. Brewpub with a great ambiance and a rotating selection of home-brewed beer and selected microbrews right on Todos Santos plaza. There are two large, free parking garages in the adjacent blocks.
  • El Aguacate

    Clayton Road and Bailey
    Try the pupusas and the delicious Salvadorean-style tamales. Less than $10 per person.
  • Masses

    2721 N Main St
    Billiards, Billiards, and more Billiards. 30 some odd tables are arranged in this converted hardware store. The food is dreadful, but the billiards and beer are just fine. The local kids have made this the place to hang, so expect a line to get in on Friday and Saturday nights. A cute wait staff and a willingness to serve all but the most intoxicated drunks makes this bar a comfortable place to spend time. If you're prone to inner ear infections, do not go on karaoke night.
  • Digger's Diner

    1895 Farm Bureau Rd
    This is a family-run diner that got its unique name from the father of the family's unusual job digging graves. Although this is not his current occupation, there is a huge mural inside the establishment depicting a comical graveyard next to a bustling diner. Their friendly staff makes for a great atmosphere, and they are quick to serve and very good about special orders. The prices are usual for any diner; you could definitely get by eating lunch for under $10.
  • Monsoon Masala

    2375 Contra Costa Blvd. Suite A
    Electic Indian Cuisine. Traditional Indian dishes along with signature dishes from Bombay and Goa. Bright and contemporary, speciality cocktails and a solid wine list. Meals come well presented.
  • Pasta Primavera

    4425-F Treat Blvd
    A tasty mid-priced pasta restaurant.
  • Taqueria Los Gallos

    Located on Todos Santos Plaza across from the Old Spaghetti Factory
    Possibly one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Bay Area, which is saying a lot. Try the carne guisada, a rare find in Mexican restaurants; this ranchero style beef is mildly spicy and majorly flavorful. A full salsa bar is a welcome plus. Less than $10 per person.
  • Benihana

    1989 Diamond Blvd
    , Ph: (925) 827-4220, Concord Benihana [16]. Concord is one of the few Bay Area locations for the well-known chain of Japanese restaurants where the chefs cook and entertain at your very table. The prices are somewhat on the pricey side - be advised to plan in $6-$14 for lunch and $15-$40 for dinner - but it's good food and better fun. So we are happy to fork out the bucks for sushi or "Hibachi Steak" dinner: griddle-fried beef served with shrimp appetizer, choice of rice and grilled vegetables.
  • Giant Chef Burger

    10 Golf Club Rd
    Known for its great breakfast thats known as being one of the best around, cash only though
  • Old Spaghetti Factory

    1955 Mount Diablo St
    Yes, it's a chain, but the food is decent and the prices aren't unreasonable. Besides, what other restaurants in Concord offer specials that include ice cream?
  • Rocco's Ristorante & Pizzeria

    2909 Ygnacio Valley Rd
    Deep, deep, deep in the suburbs is one of the best pizza places around. Rocco's is your typical red-checker table cloth suburban pizzeria, serving pasta along with pizza dishes. The pasta isn't worth the trip, but the pizza is (I suggest Anthony's East Coaster). Go during the special on Sundays and Mondays --- pitchers of beer are half off and Large pizzas are around $12. Otherwise go to the website and use the coupon to save money that you can apply toward the gas you spent driving out there.
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