Belmar Places

TripWhat's travel guide to Belmar; our list of the best things to see, including May, The Great Auditorium and Four Winds.
  • May

    Mother-Daughter Weekend Narrated Horse and Carriage Rides
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  • The Great Auditorium

    built in 1894
    Considered to be the largest enclosed auditorium in New jersey the Great Auditorium originally seated 10,000 people. Through some modernization and the addition of the pipe organ the Auditorium seat 6,500 people. The all wood structure is is the size of a football field used for Sunday services and concerts. Throughout the Auditorium's history it has attracted a wide array of performers including Enrico Caruso, Marian Anderson,John Phillip Sousa. Peter Paul & Mary and Johnny Mathias. Along with these, seven presidents of the United States, including Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt and Richard Nixon have spoken at the Great Auditorium as well as 27 of the past 28 New Jersey governors elected since its completion. The Auditorium Organ was dedicated 1903. The organ was built by Robert Hope Jones who was funded on his arrival by Samuel Clemens. (Mark Twain) The organ has 10 divisions totaling 176 ranks and over 10,000 pipes.
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  • Four Winds

    1316 Jefferson Ave
  • Hinck's Turkey Farm

    1414 Atlantic Ave
  • Sundeas Ice Cream Place

    2211 Hwy 35
  • Scarborough Fair

    1414 Meetinghouse Road
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