Saint Claude, New Orleans Places

Part of our New Orleans travel guide; our list of the best things to see in Saint Claude, including Maurepas Foods, Sugar Park and Dr Bob's Art Gallery.
  • The best place in Saint Claude New Orleans: Maurepas Foods

    Maurepas Foods

    3200 Burgundy St
    Purveyors of Robust Cuisine & Cocktails
  • Sugar Park

    Sugar Park

    3054 St Claude Ave
  • Dr Bob's Art Gallery

    3027 Chartres St
    A small gallery run by local self-taught folk artist, (you'll see examples of his work at local bars, cafes, and restaurants all over town) with eccentric artwork for sale that will immediately conjure New Orleans and the nearby Cajun Country.
  • Sankofa Marketplace

    3819 St Claude Ave
    Weekly market with farm fresh produce, prepared food, crafts. The second Saturday of each month also has live music and other special events; sometimes music other Saturdays as well.
    Bywater food nearby
  • The Spellcaster Lodge

    3052 St Claude Ave
    Home of the Amazing Mr. Quintron, Miss Pussycat, and the Drum Buddy workshops. Only open a handful of nights in the year, but this is home to some wild bohemian parties and performances, and, as a visitor, you'll really blow the locals' minds for simply knowing of the place. Stop in if you get a chance.
    Bywater eat nearby
  • Green Project

    2831 Marais St
    While generally of little use to tourists, this is a really neat shop. Their mission is to reuse and recycle the massive amounts of salvaged materials left around the devastated city post-Katrina. So they have a little of everything, mostly focused on building materials and home furnishings, but also tons of stuff useful for artists (including artist paints). If it's Mardi Gras season, stop by and check out what second hand items and costumes are kicking around!
  • Booty's


    800 Louisa Street
    Street food from around the world, globally-inspired cocktails, Stumptown Coffee and WiFi.
  • Lickety Split's Sweet Shop

    Lickety Split's Sweet Shop

    1043 Poland Ave
    We are serving snoballs year round, smoothies, milkshakes, sweet treats, floats... we're your one-stop-sweet-shop!!
  • Saturn Bar

    Saturn Bar

    3067 Saint Claude Ave
    M-Sa 5PM-late, Su 6PM-late. This is a strange old bohemian dive with some of the city's funkiest and most bizarre decor-soaked in neon and covered in old-school sci-fi posters (sadly, the old jukebox that only played Frank Sinatra's Witchcraft regardless of what you picked is defunct). Drink cheap beer, whiskey, or Southern Comfort. Don't expect them to know how to make fancy-pants mixed drinks. Occasional live music. Rumored to be the favorite of Nick Cage.
  • Satsuma's Cafe

    3218 Dauphine St
    A rather hip spot to get your yuppie-ish fix of "fair trade" espresso, fresh juices, quiches, salads, sandwiches, etc. The popularity means long waits on weekends, but the high quality does actually merit the wait.
  • Suis Generis

    3219 Burgundy St
    Dinner Wed-Sun; Brunch Sat-Sun. mid priced. Eclectic innovative cuisine in matching decor. Fresh, tasty, and distinctive.
  • Satsuma Café

    Satsuma Café

    3218 Dauphine St
    Satsuma Cafe | New Orleans
  • Pizza Delicious

    Pizza Delicious

    617 Piety St.
  • Prime Grille

    Prime Grille

    3162 Dauphine St
    Prime Grille is a casual lunch place for great portions, and a Casual Fine Dining place during the evening for a great night out. With 2 bars, 2 patios, and 2 dining rooms we have lots to offer.
  • French Quarter Firehouse

    French Quarter Firehouse

    2711 Dauphine St
  • Avenue Bar & Restaurant

    1939 Franklin Ave
  • Bud Rip's Old 9th Ward Bar

    Bud Rip's Old 9th Ward Bar

    900 Piety
  • Nocca Riverfront

    Nocca Riverfront

    2800 Chartres St
  • Big Easy Bike Tours

    Big Easy Bike Tours

    3017 Chartres St
  • Markey Park

    Markey Park

    700 Piety St
  • Dr. Bob Folk Art

    Dr. Bob Folk Art

    3027 Chartres
  • Press Street's Antenna Gallery

    3161 Burgundy
  • Mudlark

    1200 Port St
  • Maison de Macarty

    Maison de Macarty

    3820 Burgundy St
  • The Front

    The Front

    4100 St Claude Ave
  • Bywater Bed & Breakfast

    Bywater Bed & Breakfast

    1026 Clouet St
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