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Part of our Manhattan travel guide; our list of the best things to see in Gramercy, including Empire State Building, Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site and Strand Bookstore.
  • The best place in Gramercy Manhattan: Empire State Building

    Empire State Building

    350 5th Ave
    $23 adults, $20 seniors (62+), $17 children (6-12), free for military in full uniform/children under 5 (tickets to 102nd floor observatory are $17 extra and only sold at ticket office; express line tickets also sold). A legend from the moment it was finished in 1931, the Empire State Building was easily the tallest building not just in New York, but the entire world for many years before being overtaken by another New York landmark - the twin towers of the World Trade Center. With the destruction of those two buildings, the Empire State Building was once again the tallest building in the city, but that lasted less than eleven years. Even as the second-tallest building, though, it remains iconic, and one of the city's biggest tourist attractions. Expect long lines, and a lot of them - you'll have to wait in line to pass through a security checkpoint, wait in line to get tickets, wait in line for the elevators, and then make your way through the crowd on the outdoor observation deck on the 86th floor. One way to deal with the lines is to buy an express line ticket, which will bring you to the front of any line, but it will more than double the cost of your ticket. Another option is to visit very early in the day or late in the evening, when the lines will be considerably shorter. Despite the long lines and inevitable tourist kitsch, the views are excellent and the experience of being outdoors on top of New York City is a great one. Note that hawkers outside the building may try to tell you there is a very long line inside and that they can get you tickets to cut the line for some exorbitant price; before believing them, go inside and check the actual wait time which is clearly written on the electronic boards.
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  • Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site

    Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site

    28 East 20th Street
    Tu-Sa 9AM-5PM, closed Federal holidays. $3 adults, children under 16 free, guided tours available. A designated National Historic Site, Roosevelt lived at this site from his birth in 1858 until the age of 14 years. The building is not the original - that was demolished in 1916 - but a reconstruction erected by admirers only three years later in 1919 after Roosevelt's death, and subsequently furnished with many of the original fittings and memorabilia of the 26th US President by Roosevelt's wife and sisters.
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  • Strand Bookstore

    Strand Bookstore

    828 Broadway
    One of the foremost used bookstores in New York, reportedly housing over 18 miles of shelf space, all of it crammed to capacity. A recent renovation has opened up the space tremendously, though that will be a surprise to any newcomer, who will marvel at the wall-to-wall crowds.
    East Village
  • Museum of Sex

    Museum of Sex

    233 5th Ave
    Su-F 11AM-6:30PM, Sa 11AM-8PM. $14.50.
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  • People’s Improv Theater

    People’s Improv Theater

    123 E 24th St
    Dedicated to the instruction, performance and development of original comedy. Wednesdays are free!
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  • Eleven Madison Park

    Eleven Madison Park

    11 Madison Ave
    Has one of the most beautiful rooms of any restaurant in New York. Long well-liked for its upscale American cuisine and helpful service, it has in the last few years been graced with a new chef who has been getting rave reviews from many quarters. Call ahead for reservations.
  • Cooper Union

    Cooper Union

    Cooper Square
    Cooper Union was until recently the only private, full-scholarship college in the United States dedicated exclusively to preparing students for the professions of art, architecture and engineering. They recently started charging tuition for regular classes but still give free extension courses. The college, established in 1859, occupies several buildings, but the most recognizable and famous is the Foundation Building, which is situated on the block to the south of Astor Place between the two branches of Cooper Square (one being the southward extension of 3rd Av. and the other, an avenue that connects the Bowery with 4th Av. at Astor Place). The college, the legacy of Peter Cooper, occupies a special place in the history of American education.
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  • Veniero's Pasticceria & Caffe

    Veniero's Pasticceria & Caffe

    342 E 11th St
    A fun little Italian pastry shop, according to some. However, others think it's been riding on its reputation for 20-30 years.
    East Village
  • Ottendorfer Library

    Ottendorfer Library

    135 Second Avenue
    M, W 10AM-6PM, Tu, Th 10AM-8PM, F-Sa 10AM-5PM. The oldest continuously existing free lending library in New York, it was originally designed in 1884 as a "Deutsches Bibliothek" when this neighborhood was part of Kleindeutschland (Little Germany) and now serves as a branch of the New York Public Library. A lovely red brick building, it contains reliefs of heroes of German culture such as Goethe. Another part of the building, constructed as a "Deutsches Dispensary," stopped functioning as a clinic several years ago and has lain vacant ever since.
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  • Caracas Arepa Bar

    Caracas Arepa Bar

    93 E 7th St
    A small restaurant specializing in arepas, the Venezuelan answer to empanadas. They also serve Venezuelan empanadas, salads, desserts, etc., and very good fresh-squeezed juices. You may have to wait on line for a table at peak hours, but it is a very relaxing place to eat at the bar on off-hours. Prices have increased substantially ($6 for one arepa), but the lunch specials are still the best value.
    East Village
  • Russian-Turkish Bathhouse

    268 E 10th St
    Enjoy a day of self indulgence with a very authentic Russian feel. Then nosh on bagels and cream cheese, or an authentic Russian meal in the restaurant. Maybe after all that shvitzing (that's Yiddish/New Yorkese for "sweating"): a huge bottle of seltzer, or fresh carrot juice is the thing you'll want most.
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  • JAS Mart

    133 2nd Av
    JAS Mart, 133 2nd Av., (212) 420-6370, is actually on St. Marks Place just west of 2nd Av. Sunrise Mart, 29 3rd Av. (2nd floor - accessible by elevator), (212) 598-3040, is actually on Stuyvesant St. Both of these stores are extensively patronized by Japanese residents of New York.
    East Village
  • Kalustyan's

    123 Lexington Av.
    M-Sa 10AM-8PM, Su/Holiday 11AM-7PM. Probably the most complete source for Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and South Asian foodstuffs in Manhattan, though some of the spices and such cost more than you'd pay at the smaller Dual in the East Village. While you're there, make sure to go upstairs and get some mujadara. Some of the other prepared products are just OK, but the mujadara is great. Eat in or take out.
  • McSorley's Old Ale House

    McSorley's Old Ale House

    15 E 7th St
    M-Sa 11AM-1AM, Su 1PM-1AM. The oldest pub in continuous operation in New York, this small pub packs up fast. Sawdust on the floors, McSorleys beer only that comes in pairs, this place is a favorite with tourists and locals alike. The ancient chandelier above the bar has turkey wishbones dating from WW1 when a turkey dinner was thrown for the departing soldier and the wishbone was hung up till he returned. Abraham Lincoln drank there and Teddy Roosevelt's signature graces the walls. Boisterous atmosphere and cheap food too!
    East Village
  • Café Mogador

    Café Mogador

    101 Saint Marks Pl
    Serves Moroccan, French, and Middle-Eastern cuisine, all dependably good. The cafe is especially popular for weekend brunch, but a very good breakfast/brunch is available every day of the week. More dishes are on the brunch menu on weekends, but you are likely to wait a half hour or more for weekend brunch during peak hours.
    East Village
  • Union Square Café

    Union Square Café

    21 East 16th Street
    Lunch M-Sa 12PM-2:15PM; dinner Su-Th 6PM-10:15PM, F-Sa 6PM-11:15PM. One of New York's best-loved restaurants, serving great American and Italian cuisine with flair and crisp style. Osso buco, tuna burgers, roast vegetables and corn pudding are fine examples of the dishes created using the best local and seasonal produce from the Café's neighbor, the Union Square Farmers' Market. Mains in excess of $30 average. Reservations recommended.
  • Shake Shack

    Shake Shack

    11 Madison Ave
    Shake Shack is a modern day "roadside" burger stand serving the most delicious burgers, fries, hot dogs, frozen custard, beer, wine and more!
  • Hearth


    403 E. 12th St.
    An upscale American restaurant strongly influenced by Italian cuisine. Hearth is open for dinner only. Expect to pay roughly $80/person, including wine. Reservations recommended.
    East Village
  • 2nd Ave Deli

    2nd Ave Deli

    162 E 33rd St
    This famous kosher delicatessen, which used to be on 2nd Av. and 10th St., recently reopened at its new location. The place is a real throwback, which really feels like an old-school Jewish deli. The menu is more extensive than old-school delis were, however, and includes what used to be considered "appetizing" (i.e., pareve - neither meat nor milk) foods. Try their tongue, corned beef, pastrami, and kasha varnishkes, and enjoy their freebies of artisanal cole slaw, pickles, and gribenes (chicken fat cracklings). The food may be bad for the heart, but it's good for the soul.
  • Mud


    307 E. 9th St.
    A real neighborhood hangout that offers terrific coffee and light meals.
    East Village
  • T Salon

    T Salon

    11 East 20th Street
    Tea house and cafe; excellent teas and tasty nibbles. A quiet oasis in a hectic city.
  • AYZA Wine and Chocolate Bar (Midtown)

    AYZA Wine and Chocolate Bar (Midtown)

    11 W 31st St
    The Perfect Combination of Romantic Restaurant and Elegant Wine Bar
  • Momofuku Noodle Bar

    Momofuku Noodle Bar

    171 1st Ave momofuku means lucky peach.
    East Village
  • S'Mac


    345 E 12th St
    S'MAC (short for Sarita's Macaroni & Cheese) is an exciting eatery located in the heart of Manhattan's East Village. We opened our doors on June 24, 2006. We specialize in, you guessed it, Macaroni & Cheese!
    East Village
  • Max Brenner

    Max Brenner

    841 Broadway
    hey this is jess this page is for all the fans of max brenner chocolate : )
  • B Bar and Grill

    B Bar and Grill

    40 E 4th St
    Restaurant and bar, this place caters mostly to the bar and club crowd.
    East Village
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