Conroe Activities

TripWhat's travel guide to Conroe; our list of the best attractions, including Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, Sugarloaf Mountain and Homestead Farm.
  • The best activities in Conroe: Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

    Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

    15200 Mt Nebo Ave, Poolesville
    Events are somewhat monthly (check the online calendar), and feature everything from the obvious hanging out with "farm" animals to live bands and vegan potlucks.
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  • Sugarloaf Mountain

    7901 Comus Dr, Dickerson
    Perhaps Maryland's best known and most prominent monadnock, it's full of hiking trails and beautiful views over the Piedmont Plateau and towards the Appalachian Mountains. It's quite popular during the busy summer months, as it's less than an hour's drive from Washington, D.C. While a National Natural Landmark, it is a rare example of a privately owned (non-profit) park open and intended for broad public use. Beautiful day trip.
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  • Zoo Sight

    Homestead Farm

    15604 Sugarland Rd, Poolesville
    A fun getaway for picking fruit, pumpkins, Christmas trees (or they also have a shop out front if you just want to stop by and get some great fresh produce and other farm goods). Especially if you are with kids, be sure to look for the farm animal petting zoo!
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  • Sugarloaf Mountain Winery

    Sugarloaf Mountain Winery

    18125 Comus Rd, Dickerson
    noon-6PM daily. This is one of Maryland's most well-regarded wineries, and is easily coupled with a trip to the mountain itself, which in turn provides lovely views from the winery. The Comus is a favorite. Dog-friendly.
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