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Part of our Chicago travel guide; our list of the best things to see in Lake View, including Metro, Graceland Cemetery and Wrigley Field Tours.
  • The best place in Lake View Chicago: Metro


    3730 N Clark St
    Tickets vary by event. Chicago's foremost rock venue, although other genres like electronic and hip hop figure in the lineup as well. If a band is on the verge of stardom and they're on their way through Chicago, the Metro has a knack for booking them. Many shows are all ages, and are generally affordable. Tickets general admission (e.g. standing room only), so be prepared to stand, and press forward for your right to see a guitarist's nostrils. Smart Bar, next door, is owned by the Metro and features good DJs most nights of the week.
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  • Graceland Cemetery

    Graceland Cemetery

    4001 N Clark St
    Grounds 8AM-4:30PM, office 8:30AM-4:30PM. Free. A stunner. Chicago history lies in rest here, from the major names (Burnham, Sullivan, Field, Pullman, Mies) to the footnotes (Charles Dickens' obscure brother Augustus). Some credit Sullivan's 1890 design for the Getty Tomb as the opening act of modern architecture. (And Inez Clarke's grave is one of the most famous "haunted" spots in Chicago.) The new (and warm) office can supply a map for the grounds, which are quite large. Come with time to wander.
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  • Wrigley Field Tours

    Wrigley Field Tours

    1060 W Addison St
    Tickets can be as low as $8 for 'value dates', but the prize seats in the bleachers are usually $32, and certain dates wind up in scalpers' hands long before regular folks get a shot at them. 'Associations' host 'guests' on the rooftops around Wrigley, usually with unlimited beer and burgers, for upwards of $100. Ernie Banks, Harry Caray, that damned billy goat, and the 1908 champs; yes, this is the home of the Chicago Cubs, the North Side's beloved, diabolically unsuccessful baseball team. Among ballparks, only Fenway in Boston can match the old-time beauty of Wrigley and its famous ivy-covered walls. If you'd like to see Wrigley without attending a game, tours [1] are occasionally offered ($25).
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  • The Vic Theatre

    The Vic Theatre

    3145 N Sheffield Ave
    Check website for movie showtimes; usually two shows, 8PM/10:30PM. Concert prices vary; movies are $5, plus $1.50 for cheap beers. The Vic hosts the Brew and View [2], a second-run movie theater with cheap Miller beer, and turns into a good concert venue on other nights — not dissimilar to the Metro in size or sound quality, but there are seats.
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  • Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery

    Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery

    2780 N Lincoln Ave
    Now is battle coming tofu robot, plush ninja, Glow Kaiju Eyezon. It is the proposal of bad weather for justice. CAN YOU DO NO LESS?! Right here to bring you.
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  • The Alley

    The Alley

    3228 N Clark St
    M-Th noon-9PM, F-Sa noon-10PM, Su noon-8PM. The rock 'n roll shop in Chicago. Styles extend into punk, mod, emo, rockabilly, and goth; offerings range from clothes, shoes, and jewelry to bondage gear. It's the kind of edgy that is loved by no one as much as teenagers. Look for the skull and crossbones logo.
    Lake View
  • The Playground Theater

    The Playground Theater

    3209 N Halsted St
    Usually two shows a night, around 8PM/10PM, with occasional midnight shows F-Sa. $8-12. The Playground has a few things going for it: the perfect location for beginning or ending the night with a show, a BYOB liquor license, and a non-profit co-op structure that makes the performers here some of the most enthusiastic and committed you'll find. Quality will vary by ensemble, but long-timers Homey Loves Chachi and The Fling are exceptional, and the Big Yellow Bus on Thursday nights assembles the best the theater has to offer.
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  • Stage Left Theater

    Stage Left Theater

    3408 N Sheffield Ave
    Shows usually 8PM. Tickets $10-20. One of the mainstays of Chicago's storefront theater since 1982, Stage Left hosts everything: new works of social, political, intently serious drama are balanced out by manic rough drafts of new comedies by guest ensembles.
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  • Twosided


    2958 N Clark St
    M-F 11AM-7PM, Sa 10AM-7PM, Su 11AM-6PM. Excellent selection of letterpress cards and other artful items, antiques, and one-of-a-kind objects. They also have a framing gallery in Andersonville, Foursided, but this one is a true gem.
    Lake View
  • The Chicago Diner

    3411 N Halsted St
    M-Th 11AM-10PM, F 11AM-11PM, Sa 10AM-11PM, Su 10AM-10PM. $11-16, but $5.99 veggie brunch is offered until 3:30PM. A restaurant serving vegetarian-only food on Chicago's north side, the Diner's emphasis on quality — and its vegan shakes, which it proudly describes as "the shiznit" — has kept it around for more than 20 years.
    Lake View
  • Briar Street Theater

    3133 N Halsted St
    Box office M-F 9AM-9PM, Sa 9AM-10PM, Su noon-4PM. Tickets from $49. The Chicago home of the nationally famed performance art Blue Man Group. Shows in the evenings, with matinees included on weekends. (Be advised, though: if you've seen them elsewhere, you're not likely to see anything new here.)
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  • iO Theater

    iO Theater

    3541 N Clark St
    Usually two shows a night, around 8PM/10:30PM, with midnight shows F-Sa. W 8PM and midnight shows free; other shows $5-14. iO is the puppy mill of improv comedy: its training center churns out graduates at a rapid pace, and most are given the brief honor of performing unpaid on its two stages (both of which have bars) until there are more grads to rotate in. Shows are generally solid, if lacking the artistic direction that makes the other major comedy theaters great. However, when veterans and visiting luminaries take the stage on Monday nights for the Armando Diaz Experience or Wednesdays for TJ & Dave, the results can be exhilarating.
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  • Pride Parade

    3712 N Broadway St
    Last weekend of June. The annual celebration of Chicago's gay community, led by a parade down Halsted with floats and foam rubber contraptions that are not for the faint-of-heart. It's crowded, but it's a favorite of people from all over the city, and always high-energy. Most Boystown bars, clubs, and restaurants hold special events along with it.
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  • Anthropologie

    3532 N Southport Ave
    M-Sa 10AM-8PM, Su 11AM-6PM. Librarian chic clothes boutique.
    Lake View
  • Ragstock

    812 W Belmont Ave
    M-Sa 10AM-9PM, Su noon-8PM. Cheap re-sale clothes shop. They also have a location in Wicker Park, but this one is open later (for those impulse fedoras) and has two floors.
    Lake View
  • Uncle Fun

    Uncle Fun

    1338 W Belmont Ave
    M-F noon-7PM, Sa 11AM-7PM, Su 11AM-5PM. Somewhere between a treasure hunt, a toy store, and a state of derangement — all designed, in their own words, to Restore your Whimsical Nature.
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  • Architectural Artifacts

    4325 N Ravenswood Ave
    Chicago has built many of the world's greatest buildings, and Chicago has also destroyed many of the world's greatest buildings. This is where a lot of the pieces wind up — an enormous warehouse full of tiles, furnishings, and exterior ornament from classic skyscrapers and bungalows. (Find the interior courtyard for the biggest pieces.) The prices befit the awe the items inspire, but it's absolutely worth a browse whether or not you plan to buy anything.
    Lake View
  • Strange Cargo

    3448 N Clark St
    M-F 11:30AM-6:45PM, Sa 11AM-6:45PM, Su 11:30AM-5:30PM. Highly entertaining vintage t-shirt, souvenir, and anything-goes store. Great place to find annual Halloween, St. Pat's or Pride Parade clothing.
    Lake View
  • Schuba's

    3159 N Southport Ave
    Shows start 9-10:30PM. Tickets $10-18. One of Chicago's landmark venues for cool music. The building was built over a hundred years ago by the Schlitz beer company, a heritage that is acknowledged by countless plastic cups serving that and other cheap beers for indie rock fans.
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  • Cesar's Tacos

    Cesar's Tacos

    3166 N Clark St
    M-Th 11AM-11PM, F-Sa 11AM-midnight, Su noon-8PM. $9-14 for a meal, although the sky's the limit with the margaritas. Mind-blowing margaritas and Mexican food at a price that practically demands over-indulgence. There's another location nearby at 2924 N Broadway.
    Lake View
  • Nookie's Tree

    Nookie's Tree

    3334 N Halsted St
    Su-Th 7AM-midnight, F-Sa all night. $9-14. Casual, unpretentious diner that has been in Boystown for a long time. It's great for brunch, late-nights on weekends, and people-watching.
    Lake View
  • The Chicago Diner

    The Chicago Diner

    3411 N Halsted St
  • Erwin

    2925 N Halsted St
    Tu-Th 5:30-9PM, F-Sa 5:30-10PM, Su 10:30AM-2PM (brunch), 5-9PM (dinner). $20-27. Billed as "an American cafe," Erwin has a short menu of original creations and a few stand-bys, supported by a sizable bar and cute, family-friendly decor. Their burgers tend to score well in local food lists. Valet parking available ($8).
    Lake View
  • Jake's Pub

    2932 N Clark St
    M-F 3PM-2AM, Sa noon-3AM, Su noon-2AM. A good place to recover from shopping binges at the Century Shopping Centre and its neighbors (see Buy). Jake's has a good beer selection and dependable jukebox. Dogs are not only welcome — they're encouraged.
    Lake View
  • The Closet

    3325 N Broadway St
    M-F 2PM-4AM, Sa noon-5AM, Su noon-4AM. Forgive the pun if you can — this lesbian dive bar is another great after hours destination and the place to go for hook-up attempts that drag late into the night. It's open a lot earlier in the day than most Boystown spots and usually has sports or music videos on by day.
    Lake View
  • Mia Francesca

    Mia Francesca

    3311 N Clark St
    Dinner M-Th 5-10PM, F 5-11PM, Sa 3-11PM, Su 3-10PM; brunch Sa-Su 10AM-3PM. $18-30. The original location for Mia Francesca's fine Italian dining, and the best — it's noisy, crowded, and not the place for an intimate meal, but Mia's has great pasta & fish, and offers a very Chicago atmosphere of hustle & bustle.
    Lake View
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