Bourbonnais Restaurants

TripWhat's restaurant guide to Bourbonnais; our list of the best places to eat. Our top picks: Lori's Diner, Out on a Limb and Johnny's Pizza.
  • Lori's Diner

    364 East Court Street
    Open for breakfast and lunch. Drive west from I-57 Exit 312 on Illinois 17, Court Street.
  • Out on a Limb

    139 South Schuyler Avenue
  • Johnny's Pizza

    265 South Schuyler Avenue
    Open for lunch and again for dinner, but sometimes closed in mid-afternoon. Drive north from I-57 Exit 308, South Schuyler Avenue; or drive west from I-57 Exit 312 Court Street, then left into South Schuyler Avenue.
  • 5 Wings Buffalo Style

    545 South Washington
    On routes 45/52, just north of the river. Very small, white trailer. Walk-up/Carry-out only, no tables. Known for the multiple flavors available: Mild, Medium, Hot, X-treme, lemon peppered, italian, honey BBQ, hickory smoked, sweet & sour, teriyaki, "Mama's Fried", and more. Slogan: "More Flavors Than Life Savers"
  • Blue's Cafe

    1190 West Station Street
  • Poor Boy Restaurant

    1514 East Court Street
    Drive west from I-57 Exit 312.
  • Soul Da Soul Barbeque Restaurant

    559 East Court Street
    Drive west from I-57 Exit 312, Court Street.
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