Wakefield Places

TripWhat's travel guide to Wakefield; our list of the best things to see, including The Black Sheep Inn (Le Mouton Noir), Ski Vorlage and Pizzeria Mama Gen.
  • The best place in Wakefield: The Black Sheep Inn (Le Mouton Noir)

    The Black Sheep Inn (Le Mouton Noir)

    420 Riverside Drive
    [1] has become well known for top quality musical entertainment. Check listings in Ottawa Newspapers, such as the Ottawa Citizen or on their web site.
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  • Ski Vorlage

    CP 70
    offers medium sized runs.
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  • Pizzeria Mama Gen

    Valley Drive
    Worth the stop if you want a fantastic pizza featuring unusual ingredients on an herbed thin crust. Think gourmet pizza when you stop in to visit Mama Gen.
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