Montreal Restaurants near Olympic Stadium (Montreal)

Our list of the best food near Olympic Stadium (Montreal). Our top pick: Miami Deli.
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  • Olympic Stadium (Montreal)

    Olympic Stadium (Montreal)

    4141 ave Pierre-de Coubertin
    Built for the 1976 Montreal Olympics, this amazing and controversial building's tower (from which the roof is suspended) is the world's tallest leaning structure. The roof, which could originally be raised, has been replaced numerous times and is the source of great local controversy. You can take a funicular to the top of the Olympic Tower for an incredible view of the city. Also has a public sports center that includes an Olympic-size swimming pool. The area around the stadium has recently become a mecca for skateboarding, BMX-biking, and even snowboarding. the many slanted walls, hand rails and stairs give participants a concrete playground to entertain themselves.
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  • Miami Deli

    Miami Deli

    3590 rue Sherbrooke est
    Wide menu featuring French, Québécois, Italian, Greek and fast food dishes in a bistro setting with cute terrace in the summer.
  • La Becane Rouge

    4316, rue Ste-Catherine E
    French bistro.
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